I Smile Back

I SMILE BACK’s gamble on Sarah Silverman as a dramatic lead backfires, with a screenplay and direction that is too eager to capitalise on her public persona.


Machine Gun or Typewriter?

Travis Wilkerson’s MACHINE GUN OR TYPEWRITER? is a restless and oft-entrancing piece of agit-noir, merging the avant-garde with a well-worn narrative trope to tell a political tale with mysterious participants.



Tracking an undercover FBI informant during a sting operation on American soil, (T)ERROR is a riveting look at the internal cost of America’s war with outside forces.



The second adaptation of James Franco’s short stories is a moody and touching exploration of childhood from director Gabrielle Demeestere.


Bad Neighbours 2

The sequel to 2014’s BAD NEIGHBOURS coasts by with its ribald antics, social progressiveness and strong performances from Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne.